Emotion Detecting AI
Marrying biometrics with facial expression to discern emotion is not a new thing.
But now it's widely embedded, is the power to shape emotion at scale a boon, or terrifying mass manipulation?

We created a physical experience to find out.
We were honoured to take part in the D&AD festival which immerses designers and creatives in a 3 day series of lectures and exhibits.
"Provoke discussion about AI."
Hijack the conversation at the D&AD festival, which climaxes with a highly coveted awards presentation, judged by the creative industry's leading experts.

My contribution - the original idea - Judged by AI.
What I did
""In the western [world] we're more influenced by the dystopic stories. Pay attention to where cultural differences incline people to think about AI more beneficently."
Dr. Beth Singler
My goal was to convert every participant into an attendee of our big panel discussion on the main event stage at the end of three days.

From site recces with a measuring tape, to drafting physical plans, I led the track for what the full encounter should feel like from start to finish.

I carefully crafted what the experience was, how it worked and the ways in which it could spark conversation.

I modelled each guest's journey, from awareness and initial greeting, through queuing and into participation.

I mapped the activities central to taking part in the installation and scripted our approach to saying goodbye - reframing it into an invitation to join the debate.
My Three Tracks of Work
Guest Journeys
Shape the guests' experience from moment to moment, from awareness through to a final invitation to the panel.
I mapped it all, including scripts for how to speak to guests in every circumstance.
Designing Physical Flow
I planned a flow through physical space to induce the correct emotional states for the different phases of the journey - paying careful attention to what that meant for visitor numbers in each area of the booth.
Collaboration on Materials & Design
I created a large area for people to gather up front, with a long wall running the entire width of the space for maximum visual impact as a place for the creative to deliver its punch.

I worked in close collaboration with the designers to give the right surfaces to maximise the impact of the visual design. The selection of materials and the process of constructing the physical booth was taken into consideration as we planned out the assets that were needed to realise the vision.

The booth itself was a striking set of provocative phrases in stark black and white.
The booth was a huge hit and propelled the live debate into the top 5 most attended events of the entire festival.

We usher one participant into the Test Room, get them seated comfortably, and attach them to sensors, ready to watch some of the most emotionally charged videos entered into the awards show.

Up to five others are guided into the Observation Room where they watch the videos playing and a live feed of their friend also watching them. However, the Observers can also see the output of the AI system, clearly showing their friend's emotions moment by moment as they are affected by the highly provocative films.