Hublot E-Commerce
An entire website redesign adding e-commerce capabilities
for the unapologetic bad boy of luxury watches
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It's covid.
Can we sell watches on our website?
You have four weeks to launch it.
"You've been redesigning our website from the ground up.
Can you add e-commerce urgently?"
Q2 2019. The team began to reinvent Hublot's website with a new look and feel, thinking mobile first, but not to add e-commerce.

But we knew that the inevitable future was selling watches directly through the site.

I encouraged the team to design every page in a future-proofed way, making sure e-commerce was fully integrated across the entire site.

Then we presented and built a stripped back version that fitted Hublot's current business goals and investment level.
Covid and the great pivot
"The key element of success is a product that matches all of what you've done in your message and your marketing, and all the emotion that has to be transmitted to the consumer through the product."
Ricardo Guadalupe, Hublot CEO
When covid hit and the boutiques closed, our clients reached out and asked for an e-commerce solution.

The design was ready to accommodate an immediate pivot to e-commerce, but to get from design to reality there were a lot of business requirements that we needed to capture and design for.

Hublot wanted to be able to reward their loyal Hublotistas with early access to new product launches. We aslo needed to take into account market-specific skus, pre-registration for upcoming releases and more.

So requirements gathering, journey mapping and tech investigation all kicked off.
Beyond the design and requirements, I also had to figure out how to link through to an Adobe Commerce (magento) site that was selling watch straps and think about how combined baskets could work across sub-domains.

We also needed to enumerate the different PDP variants that arose from an early access period for members and design the different versions for non-members, in market or out, early access, general sale and sold out.

We also needed to factor in how and when to authenticate genuine Hublotistas and only allow them to buy during early access, both from an experience and tech PoV.
Working through the complexity
I laid out all the options in a visual way, guiding the client through what we needed to solve and to understand the considerations around it. This enabled us to align on what the end experience would be and move forward together at speed.
to Design
With e-commerce
in mind
to Design
With e-commerce
in mind
My Three Tracks of Work
User Journeys
Make sure we created simple journeys that covered all the edge cases and were buildable with the technology solution and time available.
Interaction Design
Guide the interaction patterns and layouts from the high-level site structure and product taxonomy to the perfecting the smallest micro-interaction.
Manage the Team
Work with our brilliant team to critique and elevate their work, orchestrate and plan the tasks and collaborate with our remote tech team in South America.
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